Friday, February 3, 2017

Hoover Dam: Minimoon

it has been ages since i have posted any travel related posts for this blog. and to return for a voluntary blogging sabbatical, i am starting with a post -- 6 months since the boyfriend, now "the mister" and i got married. We said i do's in Las Vegas (more of that later) and decided to visit Hoover Dam the day after. 

anyway, i have always wanted to see Hoover Dam because of "Fools Rush In", which happens to be my favorite movie of all time. Luckily, we have a few hours to kill before driving back to Los Angeles. 

We arrived past lunch and despite the scorching heat of summer, there were flocks of tourists. There were 2 types of Hoover Dam Tour, power plant tour and dam tour. sadly, we were only able to do the power plant tour as it was the earliest tour they have when we arrived.

let me share some photos of the power plant tour. 

after the power plant tour, we decided to check out the hoover dam outside. the summer heat was killing us and we weren't able to walk all the way to the dam bridge. we took a few snapshots and checked out the mini museum found inside the Hoover Dam Visitor Center. 

Last Thoughts about Hoover Dam

It was a dream come true to finally visited this place being a newlywed no less! ha! 

anyway, despite the not so good timing to visit because of the extremely heat of summer season, this site is worth visiting if you're around las vegas. i would recommend spending at least 2 hours and try to get both the tours for the complete experience.

i do wonder if you throw a coin for goodluck like what Isabelle (Salma Hayek) did? Maybe next time!
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